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This is from a parent blog shaklee-natural-vitamins.blogspot.com

"Below is a recommended nutrition program for ADD/ADHD and a couple of testimonials on how Shaklee's wellness products were used to achieve great results with ADD/ADHD diagnosed children." I hope these stories give you hope. Many children experience dramatic positive changes when families starting using Shaklee cleaning and nutritional products.

Recommended Nutrition Program for ADD/ADHD
Shaklee Vita-Lea Multivitamin (Children Chewable)
Shaklee Energizing Protein or Meal Shakes for Kids
Shaklee Optiflora System
Shaklee B-Complex
Shaklee Mental Acuity Complex
Shaklee Gentle Sleep Complex
Shaklee GLA Complex
Shaklee Moodlift (optional)

Use Gentle Sleep Complex during the day---see how he/she responds---if no response increase the amount for several days and evaluate. Many kids do quite well on Gentle Sleep Complex. ADD, ADHD, LD, and the rest of the alphabet often have an enzyme deficiency at the conversion point of dihomogamma lilnolenic acid to GLA as a result they have little GLA. Often the extra GLA Complex does the trick.

ADD Testimonial #1:

My story begins 4 years ago. I had a son. We named him Braden. When he was about 1 month old he started crying, and he cried constantly. I had to hold him 16 hours a day. He didn’t like swings, car seats, nothing. He wasn’t an average child. He would never cry himself to sleep. He would cry for hours, and until you picked him up he would not stop. When he turned 6 months old, he started crawling and stopped crying. He was on the move. The day he learned how to crawl he learned how to pull himself up on everything. He was into everything. At 1 year old he learned how to push chairs and items around to stand on, to get to what he wanted. He would get on my kitchen countertops and pour all the cereal out of the boxes onto the floor and then stomp on it until it was smashed. At this point it was impossible to keep him out of anything.

One day he found a screwdriver and methodically took everything apart in my house. On another day we had put a lock on the screen that was on our sliding glass doors so that he couldn’t get outside when we were not in the room. He found the screwdriver in the top kitchen cupboard and pried the wheel off the track so that he could push it open at the bottom.

When he was 2, our doctor started worrying about his weight and sent me to Rileys Children’s Hospital. He was and is very small for his age. We met with Doctor Charmain Quigley. She is a endocrinology specialist. She did checks on Braden 4 different times. Each time spending at least 45 minutes. Of course, Braden was out of control the whole time. We couldn’t take him anywhere without him being out of control. After all the blood tests, bone studies, and urine genetic screens, she diagnosed him as Attention Deficit/Hyperactive. Her statement to me was, Braden is a classic case. Unfortunately, at this age we do not put children on the strong medications, so you will have to wait until he gets into school, and he will be sent back to us and we will put him on Ritalin or Cylert. When I asked her what I could do to avoid the medication, she told me there is no known cause or help. You see, to diagnose ADD/ADHD they have a list of symptoms. If your child tests negative for any other disorder but he has like 12 of the 15 symptoms, they diagnose him as ADD/HD.

I went on a desperate search for help. I didn’t want him on the medication. I visited with 4 other doctors -- a child psychologist, a neurologist, an early intervention team -- they are a group of specialists, and they diagnosed Braden as sensory integration problems and gifted. All pretty much had the same diagnoses.

My Stepmother had been with Shaklee for a while, and she kept after me to try it. I was very skeptical, and so I would smile nod and humor her. I did buy him the multi-vitamin. But it didn’t do anything for him. I went to the library and started reading books about it. First I found one by Dr. Feingold. He said many food allergies could and would cause reactions similar to ADD/HD. I changed Braden’s whole diet. Some of the foods are red food colorings, flour, milk, cocoa, sugar, BHA, BHT, and many preservatives.

None of this helped Braden. I finally came across a book on chemicals we use in our Shop. A lot of them listed learning disabilities, and mental problems, inability to concentrate. So I called up my step mom and told her to bring me the laundry stuff. (The book had chlorine listed as the #1 problem.) Well, Braden didn’t change, so I started switching my cleaners one by one. The last one I switched was Mountain Fresh Mr. Clean. I had used it since long before Braden was born because I loved the way it smelled. AFTER CLEANING WITH SHAKLEE’S BASIC-H AND BASIC-G BRADEN WAS ALMOST INSTANTLY A DIFFERENT CHILD. I cleaned with Shaklee for a while and Braden was pretty much a normal child. He would sit and watch a cartoon -- which he never ever watched anything. He would sit and color with me. He was able to concentrate long enough to do a puzzle. I am a dog groomer by trade. I groom from my Shop, and from the time Braden was born I had to have a sitter. For the first time, Braden was doing well enough that I didn’t need one. He would play or watch a movie, and when it was done, he would come down to me. He was 3 then. It takes me a half hour to finish a dog and so many times Braden would go play in his room.

I ran out of Basic-H, and being the skeptic that I am, I used what I had left of the Mr. Clean. I cleaned in the morning and then sat Braden down to watch a movie so I could finish a dog. I left the room. In that 30 minutes, Braden climbed up on my counter, poured every box of cereal, rice, oatmeal, sugar, flour and whatever else he could find all over the floor. Then he stomped in it. Then he went to his room, emptied out his toy box, book shelf, and dresser drawers, opened every game and poured it out. Then he went to my desk and poured out every drawer. I have a collection of ceramic, stone, and crystal figurines. He went to these next and began smashing them. When I came up stairs, he had a hammer he had gotten from our garage and was attempting to smash one that would not break by throwing it on the floor.

Needless to say, I cried, and then I recleaned the whole house with Shaklee. Braden has not had an outburst like this since. It has been a year. I do not use anything but Shaklee now. He does take B-complex. And Chewable Calcium Magnesium, Vita-C, and Children’s Vita-Lea. I also give him EPA. I grind everything but his C and his Vita-Lea up in a Meal Shake. I usually add frozen strawberries and it makes it great. All of my neighborhood kids come to my house for them. There is a child neurologist around here that is recommending Shaklee B-complex and Cal Mag for his patients. I wish I had gone to him. But it’s okay. My son is still active but not out of control. I do notice when I take him to church on Sunday that I can see the old Braden coming out. So you see, I shudder at the day when he will start school. I know it will be a fight. But I know the answer. This is my story. People need to know there are other options. And we need to start fighting for our children. Hope this helps.

ADD/ADHD Testimonial #2:

My daughter Robin was diagnosed with ADHD. After more than a year of doctors, learning labs, psychologists and specialists, I was sent home with a prescription for Ritalin. I came home and sat down at the kitchen table, put my head down and prayed: "Dear God, am I doing the right thing for my child? Won't you help me help her?" The Lord answered me with great peace and the assurance that all would be well. Before I realized what I had done, I stood over the garbage can ripping the Ritalin prescription in to tiny pieces. The Lord comforted me saying that if I trusted Him, He would give me an answer. With all the faith inside me I continued to look up.

The following week, the conversation came up on two different occasions while working in my office regarding nutrition and learning disabilities mentioning that Shaklee products seemed to work the best. I began to feel like there must be something this Shaklee thing when my girlfriend who is a dental hygienist popped into my office and said "Hey, I had a patient tell me today that she has a child with ADHD and she put the child on some vitamins called Shaklee. Thought you should know this...gotta run"! By this time I knew what God was telling me and I immediately grabbed the phone book to find the name of a Shaklee distributor. I called Geri Frusterio and said "My name is Angie Easley and I need some vitamins for my little girl who has ADHD. Can I come over right away?" Geri helped me design a program for Robin that included: Meal Shake, Vita Lea, B Complex, Cal Mag, GLA, Zinc and CorEnergy.

The results were unbelievable. My husband could not believe such immediate results! (I told him that when you take Tylenol for a headache, you don't wait six weeks for it to work). The difference in Robin's behavior and learning abilities was amazing.

To prove to myself that it was the vitamins and not just Robin maturing and learning on her own I decided to put it to the test. Robin's teacher gave the class their spelling words for the week on Monday, tested them on Friday, with a pre-test on Thursday. So from Monday to Thursday, I did not give Robin any supplements. It was a rough week. She was very irritable and hard to get along with. She cried over every little thing and would tell me when I picked her up from school that she had had a bad day and nobody liked her. I knew what was going on...but I had to complete my test. Robin's teacher also sent notes Shop saying that she had difficulty staying in her seat; she squirmed a lot and spoke out of turn frequently in class. The child was miserable. On Thursday, she took her spelling pre-test.

On Friday morning, I gave her morning vitamins and Meal Shake before she went to school. She took her spelling test. When she brought her work home, I was not at all surprised. Without vitamins in Robin's system, the Thursday test showed that she was dyslexic, missed every spelling word, and was unable to perform at her grade level! The Friday test was perfect. The difference was just astounding.

In addition to learning problems, Robin also suffered leg cramps, waking up two or three times each week crying in pain. My mother called them growing pains, and I had had them as a child too. From the day I started Robin on the vitamins, she had one bad night the first week...and has not had a single episode for over a year!

Robin calls B Complex her spelling pill and her CorEnergy her soccer-playing pills. Parents and teachers: Vitamin therapy does not require your children's kidneys and liver to be checked every 6 months as does Ritalin and Cylert! How can you give those drugs to your children? Vitamin therapy works! Try it!
I hope you've enjoyed reading these testimonials and found ideas and recommendations that can help your child. All Shaklee nutritional and cleaning products come with an unconditional money-back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose. I urge you to give them a try.

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By Stan  &  JoAnn Pulliam